So, I got the arboricultural report and tree survey back just in time for Colin, my surveyor to plot the tree constraints onto the site plan Friday night before we flew back up to site last Saturday. We arrived on site and cracked on with plotting all the new positions for the tree buffer zone, cabin, garage and driveway.

Red tape every where!

The area was then dressed with red and white tape making it very clear for the Forestry Officer to see how it all looked. That evening we messed about on the computer with various ideas for squeezing the garage into a suitable place.

The next morning we popped back to site just to mark up the few trees that would need to go now. All in all we felt like it was a real win/win solution. A higher and overall better location for the cabin – the hot tub will almost overhang the burn (Scottish for small river) The Cabin’s front decking will now be suspended over the lower ground giving a great elevated feeling and we won’t have to remove so many trees either.

I took Colin back to the airport in the afternoon and popped into Eagle Brae to inspect their windows on the way back to my digs. Monday I researched log burners, carpet, plumbers and visited another window installation. All the going to meet folk and seeing the products certainly pays off. You just pick up little gems of information you just don’t get from websites and emails.

Tuesday morning back to site for 10 am to meet Grant the Forestry Officer. I was feeling very confident and well prepared for the negotiations. He was very pleased to see the site so well marked out for him. We discussed the background and he was happy for the cabin to be sited on the plateau as it was positioned just outside the root protection area – Yes ! He was also for the garage to slightly encroach this zone as it was such a small area. I wasn’t expecting to be allowed that at all, I was really chuffed as this meant the garage would not overshadow the cabin as you approach up the drive way.

We had a good chat about the oaks and their condition, they are good for another 40 years and so will stay unless they become dead, dangerous or damaged. But I will get them tidied up so the dead branches don’t just fall off one day!

I was expecting a tough meeting but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it all went and ended up with more that I had bargained for – as they say, it’s all in the preparation!

I bid Grant good bye and rushed back to the digs to email the architect  with the outcome so he could start amending plans. Grant also required a Tree Protection plan so I sent an email off to get that from the arboroligist with a view to getting all the plans submitted to the council by Thursday. Well I got them all in by Friday night so at least they would be on the desk 1st thing Monday morning. That saw the end of 6 weeks work from realising the cabin position was wrong to submitting a new application to move it about 20 m to here:PL12 Site Plan