Devil in the Detail !

Sorry there hasn’t been much exciting news to report in the last few months, but it feels like things are just about to start moving with this project now!

I finally got the structural engineers report last week after some man flu, emergency work needing doing for the council after those storms creating lots of damage in the Highlands.

The Architect can now submit his revised plans to building control to get the warrant issued. The plans have also been sent over to Canada for Pioneer to do the final pricing and give me a building slot in their already very busy schedule for the year ahead.

I have booked my flights go back up to The Highlands in the 1st week of March, I will meet with as many of the trades as possible to put a schedule of works together ready for the logs to arrive.

So while I have been waiting for this warrant, rest assured, I haven’t been idle but have been very busy finalising the design of the kitchen,  3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and the lounge. I’m glad I know what I want, because it’s still a big job – if you weren’t sure what look you wanted it would be very daunting indeed.

I have also been pawing over the plans just checking all the details making sure we hadn’t overlooked anything. This was a well worth exercise as a few things have been changed to make life a little easier for the trades when they come to install the electric cables, plumbing and ventilation pipes. As they say the Devil is in the detail and my sense of detail is on high alert right now!

The trouble is, you dont know what you don’t know either……

So, my garage and conservatory are filling up by the day with furniture, accessories, the bathroom stuff etc etc.

I recently found two wonderful pieces of waney edge oak from Arthur Rudd’s reclamation yard in Liss. I hope to use them for the vanity unit top in the en-suite, they still need to dry out and then get planed, but they are showing great potential !garage