What with my busy schedule and that of the guys at Pioneer Log Homes in Williams Lake, BC  Canada, I could only fit in 2 days and 3 nights stay out there. I was met by Gary the Sales manager who take me straight to the yard to see my log cabin – great to see it for real. We then went for supper, had a good chat, talking cabins all night!

Next day, we went back to the yard and I met Swiss Peter who is in charge of my build. He told me I didn’t need the post to support the porch, I said I do need it – what are you going to put the bear paw carvings on otherwise? So the post will be incorporated as per the design. Just then he said hang on… off he went to a pile of logs and offered me a great character log that got rejected as a massive newel post from another project. It also had a carved owl sitting in one of the branches – well that was a no brainer.

All the logs used are from 1st growth, more than 100 years old, hand peeled, hand scribed and finished – when you see how much work goes into this, you can’t believe how they do it for the money. Many very talented natives work here too – just quite incredible.IMG_7447IMG_7442

As the block work in site looks nothing more than a shoe box, I just had to get the tape measure out to double-check the size – of course it was bang on – Swiss engineering I guess. Big relief all round. Then Peter asked me about the roof, he said he would put in smaller rafters for the slate roof but could the chimney move 125 mm (that’s Swiss for you!) I am just in contact with the Bricky as I write, we could have a kinky chimney breast….. I think it could look very Flintsone. If only he had said last week, I could have moved the re-enforced pad we set in the foundations!

After taking lots of photos, we went to the office and I met the team who back up the boys in the yards. Bashed out my materials list and shipping dates and costs then went for some lunch. It was comforting to find out that it costs as much to deliver logs to America as it does to the UK.

After lunch we drove around the countryside and looked at many of the cabins that they had built over the years, the styles were quite varied. On the way back we went to Gary’s house to check on his dogs and mini farm. 1 turkey, 1 peacock, guinea fowl, goats, 1 duck, 50 fluffy chicks,  a bunch of laying chickens, 1 cockerel and 2 small dogs. So we fed every one and went for supper.

Next morning, I was collected – had a quick visit to HQ again, was given a T-shirt and 3 Timber Kings DVD’s they even have their own TV show!

The timber Kings !

The timber Kings !

I said good-bye to everyone, we then left for the airfield so I could board my tiny plane back to Vancouver. Arrived 15 mins before departure and stepped straight on. I then spent 24 hours in the city before flying home to London and back up to The Highlands later that day ready to inspect the service pipes being laid into the foundations…


Peter and Gary