So, just when you think its all systems go, the council chuck a few more hoops out there !

The application for the building warrant was submitted just before the end of September (before the planning was granted – but just in time before the regulations changed!)

In response, The Highland Council Building Standards have sent me a list of queries for my bed time reading :

1) General – Provide the structural details from Pioneer Log Homes.
2) G.C. 1.1 Provide an SER or Structural Engineer’s calculations, drawings and details.
3) G.C. 2.9 The loft meets the definition of a gallery and therefore requires escape windows.
4) G.C 3.1 Confirm if there are any harmful or dangerous substances on the plot.
5) G.C. 3.2 The radon levels on the site appear to be Class 2 and require Stage 1 protection. Please show the detail at the perimeter.
6) G.C. 3.6 a) Once the rainwater harvesting tank is full how is the overflow treated?
                   b) Show the down pipes and their fixings on the elevation and section.
7) G.C. 3.7 The SVP must discharge at least 900 mm above any opening within a 3m horizontal distance.
8) G.C. 3.8 Provide a copy of the SEPA Consent to Discharge or provide a CAR number.
9) G.C. 3.9 Provide the percolation test results and the calculations to indicate the size of the soakaway. Please mark the dimensions on the drawing.
10) G.C. 3.19 Show the dimensions from the stove to the edge of the hearth on the drawings.
11) G.C. 3.20 Provide a carbon monoxide monitor in the bedroom.
12) G.C. 3.21 Provide the kW size of the stove and if necessary show where the duct for combustion air will be locate.
13) G.C. 4.13 The hard standing platt at the bottom of the ramp should have a length of 1500 mm, see 4.3.13.
14) G.C. 4.4 a) provide guarding to the edge of the ramp.
                    b) Show the height of the protective barrier to the mezzanine floor on the section drawing.
15) G.C. 6.2 Provide the U-value calculations.

Most of the 15 issues are in hand. The one issue that needs another specialist’s input is the need for consent from SEPA  to discharge. In a nutshell SEPA need to know whether the area/soil is suitable for a soak-away from the water treatment plant.  So I spoke to a very nice chap in Glasgow who can assess the area, perform a percolation test if necessary or recommend an alternative solution for this treated water’s disposal.

One thing this did highlight to me is that if my land was not near a river or a Loch and the soil was not suitable for a soak-away then Building Standards would not issue the building warrant.

No warrant – No Build!

So a word or warning to any one looking to buy land in a rural location to build a home on, before making any offer then you need to ascertain that the local environment agency will permit you to discharge your treated water somewhere. I have to confess, I did not consider this, I knew I had building permission but that did not give me the right to start the build.

The other little gem of a query they raised was the kw output of the log burner, if its greater than 5kw, then a permanent vent is required which will result in a draft ! So tomorrow I will ask the company supplying the MVHR system (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) if this will affect the way that works.

On a lighter note, I found some fabulous reindeer skins at the market today. Just a taste of how the interior will be furnished in the winter months