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Outdoor Pursuits

11,000 Acres in the Scottish Highlands, exclusively for you...

Visit the local estate to experience some of the best and wildest stretches of the river and the most exciting fishing locations anywhere in the Highlands. Stalking majestic game in its natural habitat with your camera. 


Over 11,000 acres of wilderness to explore...

Private Fishing

From £250/day

Fishing with David our local estate guide and Ghillie. Fly fishing, casting instruction salmon and trout, Spinning and Trawling.

If you would like more information or something different he can organise what ever you prefer including the best salmon fishing in the Highlands.

From £250 inc the boat, rods and David of course.

Wildlife Photography

From £150/day

Photography days  - Stalking with your camera.


David will use his stalking skills to get you in close to the deer for that perfect shot with your camera. June, July and August are the best months to be on the mountain if you want to see red deer with their newly born calves. Birds of prey are also common sight too.

 From £150 a day

Deer Stalking

From £1000/day

If you would like to go deer stalking, you need to be physically fit, have the right clothes and have shot game before. David will take you out on the hills for a day.


Rifle and ammunition can be provided as part of your package.


Available early September to 20th October, during the annual stag cull. The cull must take place in order to ensure that the deer herd is maintained in the best condition for the winter ahead.


From £1000  (£2500 per stag/per day)


Meet David, your guide. He will be available to take you fishing, stalking or on a wildlife photography tour.

He will be happy to tailor the day to meet your specific requirements. Advance booking recommended.

If you are interested in any of these outdoor pursuits, we will provide his details with your booking.

Scroll down further to see his gallery...

Hard to say which part of the day was best... was it viewing the stunning scenery from the warmth and comfort of a Landrover? The majestic stags posing for some great photos? Experiencing the power and accuracy of a deer rifle on a target 75m away? Eating the delicious locally sourced and handmade venison burgers? Fishing for pike on the side of a beautiful Loch? Getting a glimpse of the Highland way of life and this extreme environment? It's difficult to decide what was best. We did all agree however that David our guide helped make the day! He was so informative, relaxed, humorous and patient! Can't wait to go again.


Rachel B,  1.3.2020

David's Gallery

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