March 2016This morning I woke up to snow and a handsome pheasant, thankfully neither under my duvet! After breakfast I set off for Invergarry, driving along side Loch Ness and snow-capped mountains set against a moody sky.



How big is that tape measure ?

On site I met up with Iain, my architect and Ray my site manager/chippy  to set out approximately where the cabin and garage will lye. It’s funny how the area looks different from how I remembered it back last February! The footprint looks smaller than I imagined it would, but Iain assured me they always do ! I know the size is fine having worked on all the room sizes and what I can fit into them, after all I want it to be on the cosy side rather than cavernous.

Where do you mean?

Where do you mean?

The ground is quite wet and soft, so Ray will pop back on Monday with a long spike to test the land and see how soft it is deeper down, if it’s soft a fair way down still, then we will have to put down deeper foundations. It looks like the water level from the Loch has been quite high of late and with the storms too it’s not surprising the ground is pretty squidgy. The planning permission has suggested that we also raise the level by 90cm to protect against the 1 in 200 year flood risk level. Very good idea me thinks !

I also had a meeting with the SSE and Forestry Commission today to see where we can route my cable for the electricity supply. It sounds like the main man at the Commission thought SSE wanted to route the cable overground and was not keen and rejected that plan. The alternative routes are twice the distance so lets hope after this site meeting they will give permission to go the direct route underground trough the wooded area as initially requested.