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Leading the way by Jason Sweeney

Art Work

(& Curios)

Jason produces sculpture from predominantly stainless steel using a variety of techniques but originally trained as a blacksmith as his father told him to get a real job!


Steel is cut, beaten and welded to produce something which is always unique.  Carrying out the work can take many months but the end results are as individual as they are beautiful.  He created both the salmon and the kingfisher pieces here in the log cabin, I find the whole process astounding to think that they all started from a flat piece of stainless steel!

Jason Sweeney Artist

The two wall mounted salmon above titled "Leading the Way" Both salmon are cock (male) fish and the larger, older fish is leading the way to the younger, up river on its migration. 

The sculptures are made from the catalogued details of original fish, caught on the River Tweed. The smaller fish was caught in June 2023 on Upper Floors, it was a beautiful sea liced* fish. The larger fish was caught over 10 years ago on a netting station on the River Tweed at Paxton House, a Palladian Mansion on the banks of the River. Ten years ago, Paxton House netted salmon and sea trout for commercial markets, it still nets today but only for research. Jason would every year, in September, go to the netting station to catalogue the fish caught, detailing their weights and measurements, giving him literally hundreds of salmon and sea trout details that inform his sculpture still today. 


The two fish in the sculpture are mounted on two polished steels which represent water and give the sense that they are actually swimming in the room. Creative lighting provides real drama to this piece, a talking point always for fishers and non-fishers alike.

As a point of interest the larger fish had a well developed kype which suggests it had been in the river for some time, however this fish had likely lived in the river estuary for a good number of weeks and been going up river with the rising tide to taste for fresh water, which may account for the starting metamorphosis into its spawning livery. It was still a beautiful silver fish.


*a sea liced fish is a fish that has just come into the river from the sea, tide lice will only stay on the fish for 24hrs from entering the river from the sea.

Perfectly poised by Jason Sweeney

Perfectly Poised, again another beautiful creation from Jason. 

Perfectly Poised

This stunning "Rocky Mountain Dreaming" bronze sculpture has been sculpted by David, then hot cast at the foundry in bronze, where the piece is hand finished using traditional patina methods to create the rich depth of colour to bring this characterful Bear to life.

Rocky Mountain Dreaming by David Meredith

Rocky Mountain Dreaming

Chain Saw Carvings

Chain saw carvings

There are many chain saw carvings at Caledonian Cabins, carved by different artists. The bears and owls came from Luke Gasson in East Sussex, one from Glasgow and a few more recent additions by Duncan Edmonds - the otters and hare.


You can see more works from Duncan at:

Skye market Square, Main street, Broadford,

on the Isle of Skye. IV49 9AE 

Open 10 to 5.30 Monday to Saturday.

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