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Important Information

We want you to have the best time during your stay at Caledonian Cabins. That also means making sure you know the important information about your visit before you go. On this page, you'll find our full Terms and Conditions, Doggy House Rules, Privacy Policy and Cancellation Policy. It is important you have read all of this information prior to making your booking. Should you need any more assistance, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ's page for some helpful answers.

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Terms & Conditions


Fire Evacuation


  1. A non-returnable 50% deposit shall be payable at the time of booking and provisional reservations not accompanied by the 50% deposit payment may be held for 24 hours.

  2. The lead guest shall be over 21 years of age.

  3. The balance of the rental charge is payable at least 28 days prior to the date of arrival. CC will automatically take this payment, it is incumbent on the guest to ensure that adequate funds are available on the designated payment card. Failure to pay the rental charge in full may result in Caledonian Cabins re-letting the accommodation without prior notice to the guest. Reservations made within 4 weeks of the planned date of arrival will at all times always require the payment in full at the time of the booking.

  4. A received non-returnable deposit and completed booking form is a binding contract between the guest and Caledonian Cabins.

  5. In the event of cancellation, no monies are obliged to be returned.

  6. Notifications of cancellation shall be received and formerly acknowledge by Caledonian Cabins in writing. In all cases Caledonian Cabins will do everything possible to re-let accommodation and will subsequently forward any monies recovered as a result of the re-letting, less an administration charge of £50.

  7. When the guest submits a booking via an online reservation system, the guest will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address supplied at the time of the booking (noted, where the booking is received by Caledonian Cabins from a third party booking agent, such as, Air BnB etc, this may be a system generated email address and not the guests personal email address) 

  8. When the written confirmation is received via email or other traceable electronic means by the guest, the details shall be checked within 24 hours to ensure that they are correct. Any noted anomalies with the booking shall be notified in writing to Caledonian Cabins within the stated 24-hour period. The written confirmation shall then form the contract between Caledonian Cabins.

  9. Once a reservation is confirmed, the guest shall then be liable for the whole cost of the rental charge.

  10. The provision of a suitable holiday insurance policy for the duration of the rental is the responsibility of the guest and is strongly recommended.

  11. If the rental is for more than seven days in duration and an additional accommodation clean with fresh linen is requested, Caledonian Cabins will arrange for the cleaner to visit the accommodation. This service will incur an additional cleaning fee of £75.

  12. The guest shall leave the accommodation in a clean condition. Any damage or shortage found subsequent to the guest departure will be deducted from the rental deposit and/or a subsequent invoice or claim. Caledonian Cabins reserve the right to inspect the accommodation before the guest departure. A charge will be levied if the accommodation is left in an unsatisfactory condition. An unsatisfactory condition is considered to be, but not limited to for example when : dirty plates etc and or food waste left in the sink, soiled nappies (bagged or not) left in bins in the property, household waste left in or around the property, dog poo (bagged or not) left in or around the property, watercraft and equipment not secured or stored safely, rotting food left in the fridge/freezer, wound dressings not disposed of, non-prescription drugs or associated equipment left around the property etc, the strong smell of smoke or weed. The Security Deposit of £500 is required with all log cabin reservations. This is normally returned within 7 days of the end of the stay, subject to the above. (Note in addition: The Doggy House Rules), or there has been disruptive or abusive behaviour.

  13. If the accommodation is not occupied within 24 hours of the due time and date of intended arrival any right to the property may be forfeited unless a prior special arrangement is made due to travel related delays, work or health matters. In the event of late arrival, a requirement for early departure, or any delay, inaccessibility incurred due to detrimental travel or weather conditions is not the responsibility of Caledonian Cabins and the guest has no claim to a refund or discount.

  14. Regarding the Bunkhouse, if more beds are used or slept in than the number of guests paid for on the booking, then Caledonian Cabins will make a charge from the same method of payment as used for the booking for those extra beds used at a rate of £15 per bed per night.

  15. Caledonian Cabins are responsible for all matters relating to the condition and content of the accommodation. Therefore, on arrival and occupation of the accommodation, the guest should satisfy themselves that the accommodation is in a good clean condition and that the everything is in order. By occupation of the accommodation without registering any observation, for example: fault, breakage, cleanliness issue or general area of concern with Caledonian Cabins within the first 24 hours, the guest accepts the accommodation as is and their responsibility for the accommodation and its equipment throughout the period of rental. Under no circumstances shall compensation be claimed for complaints raised after the initial 24-hour period of rental has expired. The listing of issues in a guestbook or online review at the end of a rental are not acceptable, any perceived issues can only be addressed if they are appropriately reported.

  16. The guest has no right to sub-let the accommodation or permit more than the agreed number of persons to occupy it.

  17. Each booking is made in good faith, with the belief that the accommodation will be available to the guest on the date stated. If for any reason, due to circumstances out of Caledonian Cabins’ control, the accommodation is not available, we may not be able to provide alternative accommodation. If this is the case, then Caledonian Cabins will refund the guest in full and the guest will have no further claim against Caledonian Cabins.

  18. Caledonian Cabins shall with prior notice be permitted entry into the accommodation during the guest stay to carry out any essential or unexpected additional maintenance that cannot be completed during a changeover. Guests shall be aware that should there be a failure during extreme weather, a weekend, bank holiday or over the Christmas / New Year holiday period, it may not be possible to provide a tradesperson until the morning following, or the next working day where applicable.

  19. Caledonian Cabins reserve the right to alter, change specification, or to improve the facilities offered.

  20. Caledonian Cabins are proud to be self-sufficient for some of the utilities and services provided to the accommodation. Should there be a failure in any of these services provided by Caledonian Cabins, we will do our utmost to restore the failed service/utility in the shortest possible timeframe.  Caledonian Cabins takes no liability for circumstances outside of their control and no liability will fall on Caledonian Cabins for the effects of unusual or extreme weather, power cuts, war, civil unrest, insurrection, pestilence or pandemic as declared by the Department of Health, DEFRA or WHO.

  21. Caledonian Cabins reserve the right to refuse or to cancel an advance reservation. In this unlikely event any paid monies will be refunded in full, and Caledonian Cabins shall not be liable to any further claims as a result of the required cancellation.

  22. If the guest is not able to leave the accommodation due to an enforced stay, for any reason including a pre-existing or new health condition, then that guest shall be liable for any additional rental costs at the current advertised rate per night for the period of further occupation.

  23. Caledonian Cabins also reserve the right to expel a resident for damaging the property, conduct that is detrimental to the well-being or comfort of other guests, disregard of the rules & guidance laid out within the provided guest information or neighbours. In such cases no refunds shall be given.

  24. No stag or hen parties are permitted as guests at Caledonian Cabins.

  25. The guest and or their total number of groups shall not exceed the number of beds in the accommodation, without prior arrangement with Caledonian Cabins.

  26. Guests shall acquaint themselves with the safety precautions against fire inside and outside of the accommodation, and the location of the fire extinguishing equipment and fire muster point.

  27. The Loch and river that border the accommodation, like all open bodies of water can be dangerous, guests are required to maintain observance of good safety practises at all times.

  28. Caledonian Cabins shall not be liable for any injury or death of any guest or their visitor, howsoever caused, on any part of the Caledonian Cabins property or surrounding water.

  29. The accommodation is set in a remote and rural area of The Scottish Highlands and with this the natural risks and hazards which exist. The guest is reminded of the higher degree of risk in this wilderness environment and it is therefore the guests responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing and for all members of the guest party or visitors at all times.

  30. During winter months in particular, there may be inclement weather, the decking areas and walkways surrounding the property will become very slippery - the guest shall use the salt/grit provided to prevent a fall. If there is a snowfall or existing lying snow, there is a risk of avalanche from the roof, therefore do not stand near the gutters. In this case, the hot tub shall also not be used.

  31. All of the domestic water results from rainfall harvested from the accommodation roof and from our private well. There is no mains water supply to the accommodation. The well water can sometimes be tinted yellow, blue or green from natural minerals.

  32. The log cabin hot tub is only available for guests who are renting the log cabin. The water shall be tested by the guest prior to each use. Further instructions are available within the Guest Information folder which is situated within the property and which may also be accessed via the Caledonian Cabins website ( The hot tub water will be renewed following cessation of each rental period. The water may take 12-18 hours to reach 38 degrees, which is the recommended usable temperature. If there are prolonged dry periods, it is possible that the hot tub will not be refilled. This is to ensure that the accommodation has a sufficient supply of domestic water. As soon as the available water supply permits, the water in the hot tub will be refreshed. The guest shall familiarise themselves with the Hot Tub Disclaimer pertaining to both the main log cabin and the Shepherds Hut hot tubs, which is situated below these Terms and Conditions.

  33. The canoes, paddle boards and rowing boat may be used by guests on the strict understanding that the provided buoyancy aids are worn at all times when on or near the water. The use of the boathouse including the upper deck, accessed via the ladder, is at the guests' own risk. Caledonian Cabins accept no responsibility for any injury or death caused during the use of this structure howsoever caused. Children shall be supervised at all times by an adult who is over 18 years old whilst in the vicinity of the boathouse, water and surrounding area, or when using any of the equipment provided. 

  34. Dogs are permitted within the accommodation as long as they are well behaved and respect our Doggy House rules listed as an addendum to these Terms and Conditions and which may also be accessed via the Caledonian Cabins website (

  35. No other pets allowed.

  36. No guns of any type, paintball guns, fireworks, crossbows, catapults or kites are permitted to be used on the premises.

  37. No BBQ’s or campfires are permitted on the decking, or in the surrounding woodlands, except for the use of the provided gas BBQ, pizza oven, dedicated steel fire pit and smoker.

  38. Please take extra care especially during dry periods as all the surroundings are flammable!

  39. Due to the high risk of fire, traditional candles are sadly not permitted in the accommodation or surrounding areas.

  40. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in any of the accommodation, if the property is left with the smell of smoke we reserve the right to charge an additional £50 cleaning fee

  41. Guests are responsible for the oven and baking trays, if they are left with excessive burnt on residue and food due to careless cooking practises, a charge of £150 will be levied to cover the cost of a professional oven cleaning contractor. This approach is to ensure that the next guests may also experience a clean oven.

  42. Caledonian Cabins will not be liable for loss or damage to any property, car, bikes etc. while located at the property, howsoever such loss or damage is incurred.

  43. Caledonian Cabins’ limitation of liability under all circumstances will be limited to the sum received from the guest.

  44. The information contained in the Guest Handbook forms part of the overall Terms and Conditions, there is a paper copy within the accommodation and which may also be accessed via the Caledonian Cabins website :

  45. The information contained within this handbook is to ensure that the guest experiences the maximum comfort and enjoyment during their stay at the accommodation. It is incumbent on the guest to read and fully understand the content and information provided within the Guest Handbook and within these Terms and Conditions.

  46. Caledonian Cabins reserves the right not honour old promotions.

  47. Payment of the guest fees constitutes accepting all these conditions, including the hot tub use disclaimer.

  48. Caledonian Cabins reserves the right to change or amend their terms and conditions at any time.

  49. The Lead guest is nominated as the responsible person in the event of a fire, Evacuation procedures provided on the website and in the accommodation.

  50. No charging of electric vehicles.


Hot Tub Disclaimer


To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub that is provided at the cabin we ask that you read through and adhere to the rules of this safety document. 

  • During pregnancy soaking in the hot tub may cause damage to the foetus, so contact your Doctor for advice before starting your holiday with us, to ensure it is safe for you to use the hot tub. 

  • People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection or irritating your condition. 

  • Never use the hot tub while using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise / lower your blood pressure. 

  • Do not try and adjust the temperature settings as you may adjust the operating mode instead! 

  • Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water. This increases the risk of infection and can heighten the dangers of drowning due to suction below the water line and hair being sucked into filters.

  • Never use the hot tub alone. Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady. 

  • Never use glass near or in the hot tub, as broken glass can cause a risk to people in bare feet and is very difficult to see within the hot tub water. If glass is broken in the water you must immediately get out and not use the tub until it has been drained, cleaned and refilled. Call Alison as soon as possible to arrange this.

  • Do not use any electrical appliances near or in the hot tub. 

  • If any fault or damage occurs with the hot tub please contact Alison ASAP 

  • Persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tub without prior consultation with their Doctor. 

  • Parents are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of four and to warn their children not to allow water in to their mouths as this can cause infection and illness. 

  • The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness. 

  • Shower with soap and water before and after using the hot tub. Showering before use washes away many of the common skin bacteria and removes lotions, deodorants, creams, etc., which reduce the effectiveness of the spa sanitiser which disinfects the water. 

  • Make sure fake tan is removed before using the hot tub as this reacts to the chemicals and reduces the effectiveness of the spa sanitiser which disinfects the water. It also colours the water and marks the waterline of the hot tub. 

  • Never allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised and when not in use make sure the cover is on and secured. 

  • Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a heavy meal. 

  • Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature can affect the heart rate. 

  • Take care on the decking / hot tub steps as water from the tub can cause it to be slippery. 

  • If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists, contact a local doctor or A&E. There is a list in the information pack in your accommodation. 

  • Do not turn hot tub isolation switch off at the electricity point of your accommodation as power is needed to carry out the cleaning cycles. You will hear the hot tub start several times a day /night to run the cleaning cycles. 


Notes to Hot tub users and Parents 

It is your responsibility to enforce the rules of safety within the cabin’s hot tub. 

When you booked your accommodation you agreed to our terms and conditions, which include the hot tub safety requirements stating that you agree to abide by the rules and take care in the use of the hot tub for yourself and your family. 

A copy of this document can also be found inside the information booklet in your accommodation or as part of our terms and conditions.

In case of an emergency - First Aid for chemical incident. Nearest hospital 24hr A&E is The Belford in Fort William

Belford Road
Fort William
PH33 6BS


Please Note :

For Health and Safety reasons we have to clean the hot tubs before each set of guests, therefore, when you arrive the hot tub may not to up to optimum temperature. You do not need to do anything as the hot tub will be switched on and set to the correct temperature. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but it is important that your hot tub is properly prepared for your use. 

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and get the most from your hot tub while you are with us. 

Doggy House Rules

  • Dogs must be over the age of 1 year at the time of your stay.

  • No more than 2 dogs are permitted in any of the units.

  • You may not leave the dog unattended in or outside of the cabin.

  • Your pet must not cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties.

  • Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms, on any of the furniture in the cabin or upstairs. (A stair gate is located upstairs)

  • Pets must be clean before entering the cabin, a hose is located by the garage if needed.

  • You must clear up any fouling by your dog immediately, even in the surrounding woodlands and dispose the bag/s in the general waste bin and not leave it outside the accommodation for other guests to see.


We reserve the right to fine up to £150.00 for any non-compliance of the rules above.

Strict adherence to these rules will allow me to continue to welcome pets to the cabin.

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